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Florida Home Buying and Mortgage Loans

It can be overwhelming as a first-time homebuyer to understand all the mortgage options that are out there. Pacific Lending Group makes the pre-qualification process easy and stress-free, with no added cost to you. With highly competitive rates, the journey of home buying will result in a wonderfully happy ending. Choosing your first home can feel overwhelming and stressful. Some factors come into play for each family searching the market. Size and price are two primary components for choosing the home that will best suit your family.

Features, floor plan, and location are essential things to think about when buying your first home. Helping Southern Floridians get set up for success when purchasing the home of their dreams. There are tips and tricks to ensure that you find the home that is best for you. Pacific Lending Group has professionals ready to get you on the right path to home buying.

First-time buyers often rush into choosing a home, but taking your time and finding the right location, floorplan, and style is important. Taking a steady pace will ease your mind and give you time to acquire the home that best fits your family.

Let Pacific Lending Group help you with all of your lending and mortgage needs. Knowing the correct information to get on the right path will make all the difference. Explore your home mortgage options with us and get started on the way to homeownership. Call today at 954-227-4727

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Tips For Getting a Loan Approved

Do you have a steady job and decided the time is right to buy? Check these tips before you venture out to your mortgage broker, and you’ll be ahead of the game!

Check your credit report

Lenders will check your credit when you apply for a mortgage loan. To get the best possible rates, monitor it closely to prove your creditworthiness. Make sure it is accurate, and no one else is getting access, possibly harming your scores.

Dispute any inaccuracies

Once you have access to your credit report, you’ll see how you’re doing. If any inaccuracies appear with the three credit bureaus, dispute them to get cleared up. Also, if your debt-to-credit ratio is high, start by consolidating your credit cards, if any, or pay off particular debt if possible. Monitoring your score over time allows you to address certain accounts that aren’t yours and take immediate steps to investigate an identity fraud.

Do your homework

When you purchase a home, you’re also making a long term financial commitment. You can make a consultation with a Pacific Lending Group representative to find the best loans and rates. 

What property can you afford

To become a Homeowner is a goal that everyone has, but keep in mind that being realistic with what you can afford is a must. Rates that require a 20% down payment are very common based on market calculations, so If you only have 5% of the asking value, look for a home that you can afford or a first-time owner assistance program if you qualify. Our company can figure your calculations and keep you on a rate that you’ll be able to afford.

How lenders work

Lenders base much of their decisions on your credit score. Your loan amounts and rates depend on your credit score. The higher your credit score, the more feasible to get the amount and rate you desire. 

At Pacific Lending Group

Have confidence in your ability to pay back the loan by preparing ahead of time. At Pacific Lending Group, we offer expert credit analysis, loan programs, and first-time homeowner assistance. We make the loan process easy and find the best rates and approved in as little as 24 hours. Fill our online application HERE

Call us at 954-227-4727

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Tips for First-Time Home Buyers

Our loan experts can guide first-time home buyers, better understand all their mortgage options to have a complete understanding of the process that entails purchasing a home. Your unique circumstances, budget, and needs will help us develop a plan to assist you better and purchase your desired home. Moreover, you will feel confident and in control of your journey as a new homeowner. Read more